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“EU in Close-Up: European Integration” Lecture Series Started


At 4 p.m. April 21, lecture series organized by the European Studies Center on the theme “EU in Close-up: the Integration of Europe” was officially started on Jiangan Campus. The first lecture, titled “EU Today: General Facts & History”, was given by Professor Jian SHI, who is Jean Monnet Professor, Vice President of SCU and director of ESC.

During the lecture, Professor Shi introduced in great detail the birth of EU and its development. He points out that the founding of EU is the most successful model in contemporary regional cooperation in the world, which is increasingly exerting a far-reaching influence on world economy, politics and culture. The rich content of his presentation broaden the horizons of students and shed much light on issues like the formulation of EU, its status quo and European integration. Students applauded this interesting and illuminating lecture and actively participated in the discussion.